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Outlander-Themed Jigsaw Puzzles

I love jigsaw puzzles, especially since I discovered doing them online. No need to find room to spread out on a table. And puzzle pieces never go missing. Here are a few I created using images from my blogging archive. They're something to do during Droughtlander!

Click on an image to play. 


In July, 2015, Jamie Fraser stopped by the Outlander Fanatics of Washington State booth at the Scottish Highland Games in Enumclaw, WA.


"Plant potatoes," Claire advised Jenny in the book, Outlander.  She warned that a famine was just two years away. 


Strawberries have long been associated with the surname, Fraser.


Uh oh, looks like Pocket Jamie (remember him?) is caught in a Rhododendron hell!

MacKenzie clan badge 2.jpg

The motto, plant badge and tartan of the Clan MacKenzie

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