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Outlander Plants

I have been a fan of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series of books for years. Like many of you, I feel as though I know Claire, Jamie and the array of characters I've met by reading thousands of pages about their lives and adventures. I particularly identify with Claire because I was once a young nursing student, working in various hospitals and nursing homes, until I decided on a different career.

I have also had a life-long fascination with plants and an interest in herbal remedies. Perhaps my affinity for botanical medicine has been, in its own way, a sort of time traveler, passing through the genes, through the generations, from my 4th great-grandmother. Grandma Maggie was a midwife and what was called a "yarb woman" - yarb being an old pronunciation of the word "herb." She was the woman that folks in her area called on when a baby was ready to be born or someone was sick.

Writing about plants featured in the Outlander novels has been a joy. It combines my love of plants, medicine, and the unexpected discoveries that come from doing research. I hope you find something here that interests you, too. 

The Plant List

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