This blog is my retirement project. The content is partly a collection of things I wrote years ago, like some of the gardening posts and the series about Outlander Plants, and posts about current interests, one of which is the quality of urban life, seen through the lens of my West Seattle neighborhood.  

Most blogs are about a single topic. But not this one. My life seems to have been a series of fascinations with certain things that I pursue wholeheartedly for a while. And then I discover something new to learn, experiment with, and write about. This blog is a catalog of some of the rabbit holes I've explored.

I've tried to make it easier to navigate with the topics tabs at the top of the page: Garden & Earth, West Seattle, Outlander Plants, Urban Life, Music, and Puzzles.

To help organize sub-topics, I've added tabs at the bottom of individual post that connect to posts on the same subject. Are you following the drama around Sound Transit's proposed light rail connection to West Seattle? Look for the Sound Transit tab at the bottom of posts about that.

Are you here for horticulture? Look for tabs like Seattle gardening, favorite plants, or Outlander, which takes you to the series of posts about plants featured in the books. Are you interested in urban planning and the environment? Look for those tabs, too.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find something of value here.

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