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This blog is my retirement project. The content is a collection of things I wrote long ago, going back to 2010, plus posts about current interests, such as the quality of urban life, seen through the lens of my West Seattle neighborhood.  

I chose the title, "Where I Am Now," because it comes closest to telling you what it is about. Most blogs are about a single subject - food, travel, etc. But not this one.

My life has been a series of fascinations with certain things that I pursue wholeheartedly for a while. Then I discover something new to learn and write about. This blog is a catalog of some of the rabbit holes I've explored. Besides the tabs at the top of the page, there's a "Popular Topics" list on this page that will help you find specific subjects.


I don't know what will inspire me next. All I know is Where I Am Now.

What's New - January 2023

I’ve started another blog. Which brings me to 4 altogether. (Is there a Bloggers Anonymous program for people like me?) 


This new blog is called West Seattle Neighbors for Better Transit. It is intended as a place where West Seattle residents can voice their concerns about Sound Transit’s proposed Light Rail project. Anyone – members of a household, a business owner, a community group of any size - can submit their comments and I will publish them. If you or someone you know would like to be included, let me know.

Winter is the time to rest, reflect, and restore. If you are a gardener, January is the month for dreaming of what this year’s garden will be. A seed catalog from Botanical Interests will help you get started.


If you are looking for inspiration or need to get out of the house, here are 7 things for Seattle Gardeners to do in winter. 

Winter is also a good time for reading, especially reading that inspires us. If you have ever felt hopeless about how to restore the environment, Doug Tallamy’s book, Nature’s Best Hope, will give you a reason for optimism. Instead of waiting for “someone” to do something, he outlines simple ways each of us can take steps in the right direction. This post describes one of those steps.

natures best hope.jpg

Happy New Year!

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