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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gift Ideas For Seniors

Today I added a new page to the blog titled, Gift Ideas for Seniors, which I hope will be helpful to both gift givers and gift receivers. I've been on both sides of the age divide and know that it can be a challenge to come up with good ideas. When I was young, I wondered what to get mom and dad, in-laws, and aging aunties. When I asked for ideas, it wasn't helpful to be told, "Oh, I have everything I need. Don't worry about me."

Now that I am at the older end of things, it isn't any easier. When I am asked what I want, I don't want to sound mercenary, so at times I have defaulted to the same "don't worry about me" statement. Or I've asked for gift cards, which I truly appreciate, but asking for them makes me feel a bit crass.

So I'm hoping that my list of gift ideas will help people of all generations avoid those awkward conversations. I also hope it inspires people to be creative and find ways of giving that have meaning for both parties. I'm sure there are plenty of  ideas out there that I haven't thought of. What can you add? Have you given or received something particularly special? Please share your ideas and stories.