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What If the Whole World Really IS Conspiring to Shower You With Blessings?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Every Wednesday morning, I get up, make coffee and sit down at the computer to read my weekly horoscope. Not just any horoscope, mind you, it's Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology Horoscope.

His horoscopes have nothing in common with those generic readings you find on the comics page of your local newspaper. Brezsny's are a unique blend of mythology, mysticism, history, science and humor.

Here is an example. My birth sign is Aries and this is my horoscope for the week of October 31.

"Once when I was hiking through Maui's rain forest, I spied a majestic purple honohono flower sprouting from a rotting log. As I bent down close, I inhaled the merged aromas of moldering wood and sweet floral fragrance. Let's make this scene your metaphor of the week, Aries. Here's why: A part of your life that is in the throes of decay can serve as host for a magnificent bloom. What has been lost to you may become the source of fertility. Halloween costume suggestion: a garbage man or cleaning maid wearing a crown of roses."

My rising sign is Capricorn, so I always read that one, too. Here is this week's message.

"I invite you to try the following exercise. Imagine the most powerful role you could realistically attain in the future. This is a position or niche or job that will authorize you to wield your influence to the max. It will give you the clout to shape the environments you share with other people. It will allow you to freely express your important ideas and have them be treated seriously. Let your imagination run a little wild as you visualize the possibilities. Incorporate your visions into your Halloween costume."

See what I mean? Even if you think astrology is hooey, you have to admit that these horoscopes give you something to think about. Over the years that Free Will Astrology has been part of my Wednesday morning routine, I have been entertained and inspired by Brezsny's inventive ideas. His messages are my weekly exercise in learning to think outside the box. His inspired writings don't stop with horoscopes. Brezsny's book, "Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia," offers 400 pages of evidence that this world of ours is perfect and that "all of creation is conspiring to shower us with blessings." This idea runs contrary to the common belief that the world is a dangerous place, a belief that is reinforced in our culture by what passes for "news," combined with the litany of complaints that, for many people, passes for conversation. But what if Brezsny is right? Can you put your ingrained, reflexive criticism of such ideas on hold long enough to simply entertain the possibility? Pronoia includes advice (Play a joke on your fear. Sing to the birds. Kill your own death.); sacred advertisements; and PNN, stories from the Pronoia News Network. It is a workbook with assignments that include, "Experiments and exercises in becoming a rebelliously kind, affably unpredictable, insanely poised Master of Supernal Mischief," with generous space provided for notes and drawings. According to Brezsny, we have the opportunity to "ignore the cult of doom and gloom and embrace the cause of zoom and boom." I invite you to take up his challenge. Turn off the evening news, put down the newspaper, close your laptop and spend some time learning to see the blessings all around us. It's a perfect project for November, the month we celebrate Thanksgiving.


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