The proposed "Alki 11" rowhouse project in my Alki Beach community has raised a lot of concerns. Neighbors object to this project for many reasons: it is way out of scale for the street; it will add to parking problems here which are already epic; it will be a major step backward environmentally; the developer appears to be using a legal loophole to get around the fact that the project does not meet the definition of a rowhouse development; it will more than quadruple the number of cars associated with that property -- you get the picture. We aren't happy.

But the good news is that the Seattle Department of Planning and Development has agreed to give us a public hearing to present our point of view. We are starting to compile information and prepare our comments for that meeting.

My main concern with this project has to do with the environment. In the process of my research, I've learned A LOT. I'll never be able to cover it all in the short amount of time alloted to speakers at public meetings, so I am going to post various pieces of information here.

I also want to open this space up as a place for people who have concerns about other aspects of this project (traffic, parking, zoning, etc.) to submit information, lists of useful links, videos, guest posts, etc. My hope is that we can create a resource for other West Seattle residents who are dealing with similar issues. If you have something to contribute, please send me an email. 

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The opening portion of this YouTube video was shot underwater off Alki Beach in October 2012. It shows a huge plume of polluted stormwater flowing directly into Puget Sound. To see just the footage diver Laura James shot that day, along with details about the equipment used and timing of the shoot, check out this Vimeo video.

It's a good idea to do a sewer camera check, even if you are buying a newly constructed home.

How many people actually park in their autocourt garages? Turns out nearly all of them park on the street.


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SW Seattle CSO Status - this is a real time map of CSOs (combined sewer overflows) in our neighborhood, showing whether or not they are discharging. Large inflows of stormwater during rainy months can cause them to overflow, sending wastewater and stormwater into the Sound. Look for the time stamp in the upper left hand corner to see when information was last updated.

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The Skinny on WA's New Stormwater Permits (#1) - how the state's largest cities will manage polluted runoff.

The Skinny on WA's New Stormwater Permits (#2) - new rules for nearly 100 cities (including Seattle) on managing polluted runoff.

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One Lot. One home. Lots of information about zoning, developer tricks, what neighbors can do.

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