Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Under Winter Moon

How do you warm up on a bitter cold night in Seattle? You put on a blue polyester choir robe and join 59 other singers on stage, under hot lights, and put on a holiday concert!

On Sunday night, our SSCC Community Choir presented a show that offered something for everyone: Traditional Christmas carols, a community singalong, a beautiful classical piece sung a cappella in Latin, a rhythmic African carol accompanied by drummers, a series of Moravian carols, a rousing gospel rendition of Go Tell It On The Mountain that brought the house down and a lush ballad, Under Winter Moon, with a cello accompaniment.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun this music was to learn. And our audience obviously enjoyed the show. Some neighbors of mine were so inspired, in fact, that they have decided to join the choir!

For me, choir is the gift that keeps on giving. Rehearsals are a highlight of each week. The shows are great fun to do. And remembering the harmonies coming together and the smiling faces in the audience leaves me in a happy glow for days afterward.

I am very grateful to our talented music director, Paula Herd, who finds a way to plan a program each quarter that challenges and entertains us. We are also blessed to have Edie Martin, our patient pianist, who repeats difficult passages over and over and over until we get them right.

In 2014, we will celebrate the Community Choir's 30th anniversary. I can't wait for the first rehearsal!