Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Would the Alki 11 Rowhouses Look Like?

I can tell you that the proposed Alki 11 rowhouse project is way out of scale for the neighborhood, but words can't communicate just HOW much out of scale. For that, you need pictures.

Let's start with what's on that property right now.
These three little cottages were home for a total of 5 people, all of whom were evicted to make way for this project. The Alki 11 is expected to provide housing for 33 people. 

Here is an architect's rendering of what the Alki 11 rowhouse project will look like on the 55th Ave SW side, with 5 units facing the street. 

And this is what it will look like on the Wickstrom Ave side, with 6 more units facing the street. The project is so densely built, that only 14 to 16 of the 22 cars it will add to the neighborhood will have off street parking. An estimated 6-8 cars will have to park on the street. 

For comparison, here are two multi-family buildings on the same block. They do not have additional houses behind them. There are 5 households (10 residents), plenty of green space and off street parking for all but one car. 

Density doesn't have to mean sacrificing green space or parking. Right sized developments, thoughtfully designed, can improve a neighborhood. If you have examples of good design in your area, please leave a comment and give the address. Let's use those positive examples to create a vision of what we want for our community.