Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rating Brands of Eggless Mayonnaise

I am allergic to eggs. This has meant giving up certain foods I have always enjoyed, including mayonnaise. What I miss isn't necessarily the sandwich spread aspect of it, but all the things that are made with mayonnaise. No mayo means no potato salad, no tartar sauce, no tuna salad, and no crab cakes - right?

Well as it turns out, not necessarily. There are 3 eggless mayonnaises on the market that I know of: Light Canola Mayo, made by Spectrum; Vegenaise, made by Earth Island; and  Nayonnaise, made by Nasoya.  I've tried them all and here are my observations.

Spectrum's Light Canola Mayo - this is a fairly recent discovery for me. I'm not always able to find it at the store, but it is worth the search because it is my favorite of the three.
- Has the best flavor, as far as I am concerned, of the three.
- Has a smooth consistency that is closest to real mayo of the three.
- Does not separate when added to salads, as Nayonaise does.
- It contains some soy protein, but probably too little to be an issue unless you have a soy allergy.

Vegenaise - I typically use the Grapeseed version of this product. I've been using it for three or four years. 
- Has a pleasant taste.
- Has a smooth consistency, very similar to real mayonnaise.
- Does not separate when combined in something like a potato salad or slaw.
- Does contain some amount of soy protein, although probably not enough to be a problem unless you eat spoonfuls right out of the jar. 
- Cannot be stored outside the refrigerator, even before opening.

Nayonnaise - For years, this was the only eggless mayo I could find. I rarely use it anymore, because I much prefer the other two. 
- Available in many grocery stores. 
- The main ingredient is soy oil. Soy is a problem, especially as we get older, because it suppresses thyroid function and blocks absorption of essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and zinc.
- It is rather tasteless. 
- The consistency of this product is thin. It doesn't have a smooth, silky mayo-like texture. It easily separates and becomes watery, which doesn't make a potato salad or tuna salad very appetizing.

All three of these products are available in Seattle at PCC grocery stores. Look for Vegenaise in the refrigerated section.

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