Thursday, February 3, 2011

Noises Off!

I do believe that we create our own realities. I'm a long time fan of the Abraham-Hicks teachings on the subject of Law of Attraction and I like watching how I, and everyone else, bring events, wanted and unwanted, on ourselves.

Here is an example.

I used to have a neighbor who was very sensitive to sounds that she considered "noise." She was continually upset by a neighbor at the end of the street who played his music loudly every night after work. And then there were the two guys in the neighborhood whose hobby was working on cars, which sometimes involved a lot of revving of engines. She also complained about a young couple at the other end of the street who had a "yappy" little dog that barked all the time.

She became the self-appointed noise monitor for our block. Seattle has a "noise ordinance" that states that after 10 p.m. we are not to be making loud noises that can be heard by our neighbors. I've never met anyone who took that ordinance more seriously than she did. On several occasions, she was out at 10:05 p.m., in her robe and slippers, padding down the street, hands on her hips, heading off to confront one of the offenders.

She tried to get me to go with her one time, but I told her that when I was in my house listening to music or watching a movie, I couldn't hear other people's music or engines. Plus, I had never heard the yappy dog she was talking about. As far as I was concerned, she was on her own. She left in a huff, telling me I was part of the problem because I wouldn't do anything to put an end to the noise. I, frankly, thought the whole thing was funny.

She moved away in early spring one year. I never heard from her again. I hadn't thought about her in months until one warm, summer evening when I was sitting on my deck, appreciating the garden and the weather and the -- silence!

The guy at the end of the block wasn't playing his music. In fact, I realized that it had been a long time since I had heard him do that. One of the car guys had moved away and I hadn't heard the other guy revving an engine in quite a while. The renters with the "yappy" dog had also moved away.

My conclusion was that she "created" the noise with her focused attention. (What we resist, persists.) I'll bet she's doing the same thing wherever she's living now. I'm kinda glad she moved.

Thanks for reading this post. Peace (and quiet) out.