Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Send in the Clowns

As many of you know, I live in a beach community in Seattle. It is an idyllic place to live, with a laid back pace, sweeping views of water and mountains, and miles of beach and park to stroll and explore. During the rainy season, we locals have the place to ourselves. But once the sun starts to shine, we get to share it with everybody else. Then the beach becomes a place for people to show up and show off. You can see almost anything, from skateboarding bulldogs to exotic cars. A few days ago, I saw this shrink-wrapped pickup and thought, "Aha - a preview of coming attractions."
When I got close to the truck, I saw that it was filled with styrofoam packing peanuts, with a sign on the back explaining the prank. Perhaps a commentary on the institution of marriage?
When I uploaded these photos to my computer, I thought about other amusing sights I've seen here in summers past. On this rainy afternoon, I thought I'd post a few of those images.
Alki Beach is home to volleyball tournaments in the summer. Apparently any clown can sign up.
The beach is a fine place to show off a new hairstyle.
And what better place could there be for a swimsuit shoot?
I can hardly wait to see the clowns that show up this year. (Cue Judy Collins, a Seattle native, by the way.)